Nos audits portent sur les thèmes suivants : "normes", "contrôle", "processus", "analyse", "objectifs", "exigences" et "qualité".

Compliance with national and international standards explains our claim to quality control. The continuous improvement of our processes guarantees the safety and quality of products for our customers.

We have full testing equipment, qualifications and certifications. In addition, our products are customized and based on internationally defined standards.

A strong network allows us to get many product approvals. This interaction allows our business partners to bring their systems to market successfully.

Material development and advice

Correct, economically optimized and precisely prepared for the specific application: customer satisfaction begins with a choice of perfectly matched materials.

Full control of the production process

Consistent control of all production steps and precise measurement of mechanical and electrical data are prerequisites for stable quality.

Type tests and requalifications

The samples and the first productions are subjected to an extensive testing program to verify their quality. The documentation is carried out in accordance with the requirements, for example in an EMPB (Initial Sample Inspection Report) or a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process). We regularly check the serial products as part of the requalification.




Zertifikate / Certificats / Certificates / Certificaten / 资质认证


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