Environmental protection and sustainability

Environmental protection and ecological principles are very important to KROSCHU! We are always aware of our responsibility to "Mother Earth" and continuously train our employees in conscientious handling of raw materials, ecological commitment and understanding of the environment. Regular audits ensure compliance, implementation and optimization of the standards defined in the daily processing of goods and stocks. Our quality and environmental management systems certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001 also ensure compliance and implementation of these important regulations.

We use environmental and energy resources in an organized and efficient way, because sustainability is one of the most important principles of action of KROSCHU. This is why the following rules apply in our company when handling materials": Avoid , reduce, recycle, dispose!

Environmental management in Kroschu
  • KROSCHU determines the environmental factors of all stages of work and assesses to what extent these lead to significant environmental impacts.
  • On the basis of these results, we define environmental objectives and follow a defined environmental plan in order to continuously improve our environmental performance. The Comprehensive Environmental Plan is designed to reduce pollutants, waste and sewage, and to treat resources such as energy and water carefully.
  • The understanding of our employees is important to us. The environmental awareness of our employees is encouraged and tested through training and audits focused on target groups.
  • However, our environmental program does not stop at the door of KROSCHU. We actively inform employees of external companies, suppliers and authorities about our environmental specifications and verify their compliance.
  • At KROSCHU, we also respect the environmental guidelines of our customers, suppliers and authorities.
  • Thanks to our certified environmental management system, environmental protection is continuously monitored and improved. On this basis, our environmental concept and its implementation are constantly developed and optimized.
Sustainable development in Kroschu
  • We support our customers with environmentally friendly and energy optimized cables and wires.
  • Through effective resource planning, we develop and manufacture product solutions that are adapted to the wishes and ideas of our customers.
  • Waste is not in our nature! At KROSCHU, we pay attention to the use of energy and the consumption of raw materials. Residual materials that appear during production are carefully separated, recycled if necessary or professionally disposed.
  • Every KROSCHU employee do one´s stint to the protection of the environment and the conscientious treatment of others.