Electronic brake system

For commercial vehicles, such as 7.5 ton trucks or buses, EBS is a major problem. The electronic brake system consists of multi-channel systems, so that the brake pressure can be controlled independently of the axle. The integrated EBS system thus communicates electronically, via a data network, with all relevant vehicle components, such as the engine and transmission.

Thermal loads and media influences, such as various oils, lubricants and cleaning fluids, are particularly high in these areas of application. KROSCHU cables with the crosslinked KROTHERM® Flex 10 sheath material are also frequently used here.




PVC-PVC cables:
Certificate ADR / GGVSE TÜ.EGG.108-05

PP-PUR cables:
Certificate ADR / GGVSE TÜ.EGG.153-13

Technical characteristics
Line type: 2x4 mm²
+ 3x1.5 mm²
+ 1x2x1.5 mm²
Isolation: PVC, TPS, PP
Coat: PVC, TPU
Temperature: from -40 to +85°C (3000 h)
also to +105°C (3000 h)