Data bus lines / FlexRay Ethernet / Gbit Ethernet

FlexRay cables belong to this types of cable. These are cables for data rates of up to 10 MBit / s. Kromberg & Schubert Cable & Wire is developing in this area with OEMs such as Audi, BMW, Daimler and VW wire harness and wheelhouse applications. Additionally, KROSCHU is an initial listed supplier of FlexRay® cables in production vehicles.

100 Mbit Ethernet cables are also part of the data lines. As a member of the OPEN ALLIANCE, KROSCHU was decisive in the design of the BroadR-Reach™ Physical Layer specification. After the successful introduction of FlexRay cables, Kromberg & Schubert also introduced the first series of cables for Ethernet applications in the automotive world. In addition to twisted cables, unshielded sheathed cables are also used for installation in the vehicle's electrical system. In order to do justice to the increasingly reduced installation space in vehicles, low-alloy conductive materials according to standard LV 112-4 are increasingly used. Special sheathed cables with high torsion and alternating bending properties are used in series production to meet the high demands of the tailgate or doors.

For data rates of up to 1GBit / s, specially sheathed cables with particularly high symmetry and low line attenuation are required. The basic conditions for these types of cables are described in the IEEE P802.3 standard. KROSCHU also has innovative proposals under development for this application.


FlexRay™, 100Mbit Ethernet to BroadR-Reach™, Gbit Ethernet to IEEE 802.3bp RTPGE


Conductor: Cu, CuAg, CuMg, CuSn

Illustration: Cross section of data bus lines
Illustration: Cross section of data bus lines
Technical characteristics
Line type: 2x0.13 mm² ... 2x0.50 mm²
Isolation: PVC, PP
Coat: PVC, TPU, PP
Temperature: from -40 to 105°C (3000 h)
also to 125°C (3000 h)

Data bus lines