Silicone applications

The areas of application of silicone cables in industry are, for example, in household appliances, lamps or heating and high-voltage lines. But they can also be found in rolling mills, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and medical technology.

Automation & robotics

The growth dynamics of automation and robotics in production continues to increase.

The intelligent interaction between man and machine will be indispensable in automation and an important topic in the future. Ongoing processes are being redeveloped to drive optimized results and faster production. The technologies used complement each other with the skills of the people and strengthen the production process.


Sensors and measurement technology are the keys to modern technology. Automotive industry, consumer industries, mechanical and plant engineering and Industry 4.0. There is hardly an industrial area in which sensors are not used for testing.

Industrial mobility

Industrial mobility stands for a new segment of location planning and logistics processing. Innovative and modern processes are established in order to meet sustainable and social requirements for people and machines. Technical trends and constructions in this area require the latest, ecologically and economically efficient cable solutions for intralogistics. For this purpose, KROSCHU develops cables from specially compiled materials with specific properties.

Energy & Infrastructure

Innovative and efficient cables for active environmental promotion

Renewable energies belong to the future! Investments in this sector are increasing steadily, both in the individual economic sectors and in private households. This environmentally friendly type of energy generation requires special cables that transmit the generated energy sustainably and sensibly.

KROSCHU has designed and developed cables that are precisely tailored to the respective tasks and guarantee optimal functionality.

Medical technology

Efficient high-performance cables with high demands

Cables and wires for medical technology have to achieve great things and always meet a large number of requirements at the same time. This includes, for example:

  • Hygiene
  • permanent sterility
  • Reliability
  • high data transfer rates (Gigabit LAN)
  • Security
  • Skin tolerance
  • Biocompatibility
  • Haptics

Thanks to our decades of experience and our knowledge in this sector (whether in the operating theater, the laboratory or in dental technology), we from Kromberg & Schubert are always the ideal partner at your side as a developer and manufacturer.

Military technology

All types of cables and lines installed in the military sector must meet chemical, thermal and mechanical requirements according to the highest standards. In addition to special cable constructions, innovations and perfect technical implementation are required in this industry. The products from Kromberg & Schubert are manufactured for use in military technology of the highest quality and benefit from our extensive experience in cable development.

Our certified production processes and the in-house accredited laboratory KROlab help to meet the high quality standards.


Kromberg & Schubert has already reacted to this technological change in the industrial segment and has different cables for the implementation of digitization in the portfolio and in development as well.

Special cables

We are at your side with both experience and specially designed product solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors. Kromberg & Schubert develops and produces cables from specially selected and particularly hard-wearing materials.

Flat cables

Kromberg & Schubert offers a comprehensive portfolio in the area of flat cables. The KROflat ground straps have become indispensable in the automotive and industrial sectors and help to conduct large currents, for example. The laminated flat cables are used, among other things, within solid busbar systems, while the KROprotect braided sleevings offer optimum protection for all cables and conductors.