Automation technology

Automation technology relates to the measurement, control and regulation of automatically functioning production systems or plants and is used in sectors such as mechanical engineering, the automotive sector as well as in the electrical and energy industry. KROSCHU uses reliable and economical connections with cables conforming to international approvals such as UL, cUL, CSA.


Linear actuator

The cross-section consists of three cables, with different construction. The insulation connects them to form a flat cable.
Illustration: Cross section of automation technology cables
Technical characteristics
Line type: KOMBIFLACH Li31Y-11Y
+ (8x0.14 mm² D 31Y DB)
+ (8x0.14 mm²) D
+ 4x0.75 mm² BD
Isolation: TPE-E
Coat: TPU
Temperature: from -40 to +80°C
Drag chain operation: Yes
Halogen free: Yes
Oil resistant: Yes
Fuel resistant: Yes
Flame retardant: Yes