Optimized cables are developed to meet the customer's needs combine all the necessary elements from control, signal, power and data transmission to pneumatic and hydraulic hoses. Thanks to the properties precisely adapted to the application, an optimal service life is obtained with reduced dimensions.


Control cabinets in public or safety critical areas, such as power stations

Technical characteristics
Line type: Li9Y-H 36x0.25 mm²
Isolation: PP
Coat: Halogen Free Polymer Blend
Temperature: from -40 to +70°C
Drag chain operation: No
Halogen free: Yes
Oil resistant: No
Fuel resistant: No
Flame retardant: Yes

Illustration: Cross section of control cables

The round cable consists of three rings. The innermost ring consists of 6 strands, the middle ring of 12 strands and the outermost ring of 18 strands.

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