Ignition cables

Durable and resistant! These are properties that the ignition cables for military vehicles, produced by KROSCHU, have.

Due to the high loads and the necessary connections, these cables must be made of particularly tensile, abrasion-resistant and chemically resistant material. In order to meet these requirements, KROSCHU has developed cables made of specially composed materials, which also remain flexible and 100 percent operational in the event of extreme temperature fluctuations.


Ignition cable

Exemplary cable structure

Technical characteristics

Cable type: FZL2GG2GFCF53G 1,0 QMM-SN
Insulation: Silicone
Coat: Outside CM mixture, inside silicone
Temperature: -40 up to +200°C
Drag chain operation: No
Halogen free: Yes
Oil resistant: Yes
Fuel resistant: Yes
Flame retardant: Yes
Cross-section of an ignition cable.

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