Prevention of microphonic effect

Frequency analog temperature sensors convert temperature changes directly or indirectly into frequency changes. This has advantages in terms of ease of digital measurement and low interference transferability. KROSCHU cables reliably meet electrical specifications up to the high frequency range, even under extreme environmental conditions and in continuous motion. Coordinated shielding concepts guarantee the required electromagnetic immunity.


Stage equipment

Technical characteristics
Line type: Li2Y9Y(HL)C11Y 2x1.00 qmm
Isolation: PE + HL PP
Coat: TPU
Temperature: from -40 to +70°C
Drag chain operation: No
Halogen free: Yes
Oil resistant: No
Fuel resistant: No
Flame retardant: No

Illustration: Cross section of avoidance of microphone defects cables

Cross section of avoidance of microphone defects cables

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