Our test portfolio

Close-up in a woman in a lab coat working at a microscope and smiling at the camera.

In this area, we test cables, such as:

  • single line wires
  • open stranded or twisted cables
  • sheathed cables

We perform OEM release tests as well as corresponding inspections according to your specifications. Of course, annual requalifications are also part of our portfolio.

We can also perform testing on plastics, such as tensile testing, thermal analysis or IFM according to specifications or your requirements.

The tests generally defined on cables, such as ISO6722 for single wires or ISO14572 for sheathed cables, refer to standards whose scope is, however, in some cases, considerably extended by the specifications of the cables. OEMs. In addition, compliance with LV 112, 122 and 212 standards is essential.

Close-up of a woman in a lab coat. She is placing small silicone particles on a scale with tweezers.

The following tests are therefore necessary for the approval of OEMs in the segment of single-core equipment:

  • Dimension control

  • Electrical tests on the cable

    • conductor resistance
    • potential strength
    • water storage
  • Insulation sleeve tests

    • insulation resistance
    • density
    • tensile strength and elongation
    • heat reduction
    • heat pressure
    • flame resistance
  • Mechanical tests on the cable

    • abrasion resistance
    • conductor fixing
    • bending and sliding forces
    • resistance to flexural strength
  • Climatic tests

    • cold storage
    • change of climate (humidity and temperature)
    • heat humid
  • Thermical tests

    • short-term aging 240 h
    • Long-term aging 3000 h
    • overload tests

Request to our test laboratory

In order to guarantee the smoothest possible process and rapid processing, we are dependent on important key data, as well as notification of the desired type of test and the scope of the test. Usually this has already been agreed with the OEM. If not, we will be pleased to help you with this.