"It is very important to pool resources to protect nature and serve people" ~Harrison Ford (*1942)

Different icons for the 6 steps of the circular economy: idea, implementation, production, use, maintenance and recycling. These are arranged in a circle and connected by arrows.

For us, conserving resources means avoiding waste through good demand planning, process optimization and order-related production.

Due to a digital document management system, we save  paper waste and become a paperless business. Waste separation is a no brainer for us.  If it cannot be prevented, we rely on the principle of the circular economy.

All materials that we are unable to use are recycled and returned to the economy: in our cable scrab, the copper is 100% recycled. We have the material TPU processed and make it available to the market again. PVC remains are used in floors, park benches or football fields and are thus given a second life. ETFE remains are also processed into new regranulate. This is passed on to other companies and used in colour mixes.