„Anything that is against nature will not last in the long run.“ ~Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Two-storey building with two trees in the foreground.

For us at Kromberg & Schubert, economic sustainability means thinking about processes, developments and new ideas right from the start, in such a way that they can last in the future. It is the prerequisite for implementing enviromental and social sustainability in the way we imagine it and how we live it out.

Technical drawing of a high-voltage cable, cut in such a way that you can see the individual components.
  • Our product portfolio supports a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle: For example, our high-voltage cables are installed in electric cars. Our product group KROcharge supports the expansion of the charging infrastructure by means of wallboxes, charging cables and charging plugs. Our KROsol solar cable is used for wiring solar and photovoltaic systems
  • Through our innovative portfolio we want to create the greatest customer benefit
  • In order to increase energy efficiency in the company, we focus on new technologies and on overhauling existing machines
  • We are part of the European Green Deal and are actively committed to reducing greenhouse emissiones
  • In order to ensure economic sustainability, we make sure that resources are used considerably, that they are not wasted and that scrap is recycled
  • For economic success, we try to act independently of other companies or states. In our interest, we still want to build good partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
  • We think about economic sustainability from top to bottom, from the big whole to the small part. To achieve this, we effectively link processes with each other
  • We pay attention to fair, stable prices and resource-saving production
  • We invest in development work, sustainability and resource-efficient machines
  • We support our employees and invest in their education and further training, so they can provide optimal services