"Who always does what they already can, will remain what they already are." ~Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Close-up in a woman in a lab coat working at a microscope and smiling at the camera.

At Kromberg & Schubert, we rely on innovative cable solutions as well as future-oriented and sustainable production processes. Therefore, it is possible for us to develop new products and bring them to market as successful patent innovations. One of our goals is to completely avoid the use of glues containing solvents. Together with our KROlab, we develop alternative materials with optimized materials. Ideas on the use of recycled materials have already been pursued, so that single sorted waste from Kromberg Schubert can be reused. Furthermore, polymers from non-oil sources were discussed with suppliers.

Technical drawing of a multi-core cable with the imprint "KROcharge".

Our claim is to drive the European Green Deal forward significantly. For this purpose, we are in close contact with our OEMs and local authorities.

In particular, the promotion of electric mobility is part of our main development projects. We have been a supplier of HV lines for over 15 years. Our cables are approved by all German OEMs and are used worldwide in BEV and PHEV.

We have also been a supplier of charging solutions since 2020. In addition to charging cables (up to 150kw), we have an intelligent and future-proof wallbox in our portfolio to support the expansion of charging infrastructure in the private and public sector with our products.

With our KROsol solar cables, we underline the concept of sustainability in our development.

As an experienced and powerful development partner of the automotive industry, we manage future concepts in the HV sector together with our automotive customers. The lines developed with the OEMs are guided to series production readiness together with system suppliers. Through collaboration in different working groups (e.g.  ZVEI: AK Technik, VDA: AK DIN TS 0112) new standards are actively shaped.