Test procedure

As part of our quality control, all cables and wires are subjected to the following internally tests.

Inline measurement of production parameters

  • The defined manufacturing parameters, such as dimensions (including diameter and centricity), as well as electrical parameters (capacitance, dielectric strength, etc.) are 100% tested and recorded during the manufacturing process.

Materials testing

  • The laboratory determination of material-specific parameters guarantees the quality of the used materials.
  • Material testing under high and critical stresses.

Thermal tests

  • Accelerated aging process helps predict useful life.
  • Flame tests rule out the possibility of a cable fire hazard. The design and construction of a cable has a significant influence on the subsequent properties of the fire - for example, the expected smoke density.

HF tests

  • Documentation of EMC and transmission characteristics.
  • An automatic HF measurement station allows the qualification of data transmission elements.
  • Measurement of exact electrical parameters is possible in the DC frequency range up to 6 GHz.

Dynamic tests

  • Practical tests prove the suitability of the cables for the intended use in robots or in the energy chain.
  • Materials and cable concepts are optimized through comparative tests.

Do you want to order a product test?

KROlab, our accredited in-house test laboratory (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018) with modern test equipment is at your disposal to test and analyze your products.