Modern chassis require cabling that reliably and with precision query and optimize driving dynamics and safety performance. The cabling of high-performance motors requires insulating materials with the highest temperature requirements. Fluoroplastics are mainly used here, which are particularly characterized by their extreme resistance and abrasion resistance.


The term powertrain refers to the drive train of a vehicle. This includes all components that generate and transmit power for the drive, such as the engine, clutch, gearbox, drive axle and wheels. All these individual parts form a line and delegate the power from the engine to the wheel. The drive train forms the connection between all parts.


Electromobility is a highly networked branch of industry that focuses on mobility needs and sustainability aspects. The vehicles carry an energy storage device that is fed by an electric drive. These alternative drive systems are also known as high-voltage systems, since the DC or DC circuits installed, there are voltages between 60 V and 1.5 KV and the cables and wires have to meet the highest mechanical and electrical requirements.


Multimedia lines are used in different ways. In the automotive industry, data wires are used in high-frequency applications, such as coax cables or HSD (High Speed Data) lines. These shielded cables are used for camera systems, control displays or USB connection systems. The range of high-frequency cables is very flexible and changeable, as the frequency ranges are assigned to various factors. Applications, country-specific specifications and the time period: all of this play a major role.

Commercial vehicles

The commercial vehicles segment is very important in the automotive market. Maximum efficiency and the best possible application solutions are essential here. Thanks to many years of experience and constant product development, Kromberg & Schubert is able to react to market requirements and have corresponding solutions in its portfolio.