Also known as "hose guide", the dresspack is used in production processes where the robot's wrist movements are precise and complex. Flexibility, easy handling of the hose and high resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses are therefore required.


Bolt welding in the construction of car bodies

Exemplary cable structure

Technical characteristics

Line type: Li12Y-B11Y 1x(2x0.75 mm²)(ST) DD31Y
+ 1x(3x2x0.34 mm²)(ST) DD31Y
+ 1x11Y 95 mm²
+ SCHLAUCH-PUR 1x8.0 mm/5.7 mm
+ SCHLAUCH-PUR 1x6 mm/4.0 mm
Isolation: TPE-E
Coat: TPU
Temperature: from -40 to +80°C
Drag chain operation: Yes
Halogen free: Yes
Oil resistant: Yes
Fuel resistant: Yes
Flame retardant: Yes

Illustration: Cross section of dresspack cables

The round cable consists of 5 wires with different numbers of strands. The number of strands varies between 1 and 14.

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