Long-term wiring

The energy is conducted through the whole robot to the last axis of movement. Cables are often installed inside the robot chassis. The replacement would therefore be very complex and extremely expensive. The sliding properties and the abrasion behavior of the cable used play a major role. 100% reliability is a matter of course for cables from Kromberg & Schubert and is made possible by advanced materials such as fluorinated materials or halogen-free thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)


Lifetime wiring in a robot, painting robot

Exemplary cable structure

Technical characteristics

Line type: Li7Y-D11Y 5x0.5 mm²
+ 8x2.5 mm²
Isolation: ETFE
Coat: TPU
Temperature: from -40 to +80°C
Drag chain operation: Yes
Halogen free: No
Oil resistant: Yes
Fuel resistant: Yes
Flame retardant: Yes

Illustration: Cross section of lifetime cabling

Round cable made of 13 strands. 5 strands form a circle enclosed by the remaining 7 strands. The whole is surrounded by a braid and black sheathing.

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