Battery cables

Silicone cables are also used in areas other than the well-known applications, such as the automotive industry.

Areas of application

The areas of application for silicone cables in industry are, for example, in household appliances, lamps, heating and high-voltage cables or in rolling mills, but also in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and medical technology.

Since the areas of application are numerous and very different, Kromberg & Schubert has a wide range of different silicone compounds.

Quality characteristics

Our cables meet many important properties, such as good cold and heat resitance. They are also flame retardant and tear resistant. The silicone cables naturally fulfil other aspects such as weather, ozone and aging resistance. They are also resistant to radioactivity and autoclavable. The silicone cables are characterized by their extreme flexibility and robustness. This makes them ideal for installation in confined spaces.

If you do not find your desired application, please send us an inquiry and we will design an individual cable solution together with you and our product development department.

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Technical features

Technical characteristics

Cross sections From 2,5 mm2 to 120 mm2
Temperature range From -40 °C to +180 °C (3,000 hrs.)
On request up to +200°C

Cross-linked materials

2G SIR Silicone – Rubber
3G EPR Ethylene – Propylene – Rubber
35G AEM Ethylene – Methyl acetate – Terpolymer
4G EVM(EVA) Ethylene vinyl acetate
53G PE-C Chlorinated polyethylene
2X PE-X Polyethylene, cross-linked