EPB sensors

The electric parking brake (also known as electric or automatic parking brake) has replaced the mechanical parking brake in the automotive industry and shows the trend towards a fully electric parking system. This means that the mechanical actuation lever has had its day and has given way to the electrical switching control unit. There are currently three different systems on the market: cable extraction system, caliper motor system, electric drum brake. Kromberg & Schubert uses flexible cold and notch resistant materials.


Electric parking brake

Illustration: Cross section of EPB sensors
Illustration: Cross section of EPB sensors
Technical characteristics
Line type: 2x4.0 mm² + 0.75 mm², 2x2.5 mm²
2x2.5 mm² + 0.50 mm², 2x2.5 mm² + 2x0.50 mm², 2x2.5 mm² + 3x0.50 mm²
Isolation: TPS, EVM (EVA)
Coat: TPU
Temperature: from -40 to +125°C (3000 h)