Examination process

Insight into the KROlab: desk with PC and test instrument.

As soon as we have received the complete product which has to be analyzed with all the necessary data, the test process begins. A comprehensive analysis can take a few months, depending on the complexity. After each test start, you will generally receive an expected completion date for your test from us.

We will always keep you up to date. If there are failures or other problems during the tests, we will notify you immediately. You can also send us status queries at any time.

Confidentiality and data protection are very important to us in-house, which is why communication takes place exclusively between the contact person you have specified in your company and the respective KROlab employee. All data will be treated with strict confidentiality and will not be passed on to third parties! In general, this also applies to employees in your company who have not been registered as contact persons.

As soon as the test is completed, we will send you a test report as a PDF document in two languages (German / English).

With our modern test equipment, we at KROlab are able to support you with a wide variety of test methods:

Request to our test laboratory

In order to guarantee the smoothest possible process and rapid processing, we are dependent on important key data, as well as notification of the desired type of test and the scope of the test. Usually this has already been agreed with the OEM. If not, we will be pleased to help you with this.