The purple guide

The Kromberg & Schubert model: commitment and identification.

„If you're a model, you might as well look in the mirror.“

Siegfried Wache, (*1951) technical draftsman, aeronautical technician and author

Management has developed the Purple Guide, which contains 12 leadership principles, to provide managers at all levels with a framework for professional leadership behavior.
After all, correct and above all positive behavior on the part of managers does not only increase employee satisfaction and performance, but also has a positive effect on the quality and efficiency of the whole company and therefore on the satisfaction of our clients.
Personal commitment and identification with the company and its actions are therefore superior to the 12 management principles.
The core values of Kromberg & Schubert play a major role in this regard:

  • loyalty and integrity
  • Creditability and reliability
  • Flexibility and pragmatism
  • Innovation and team success

This appreciation towards employees (m / f / d) and customers motivates everyone to take a positive attitude and sincerely commit to successfully implementing common projects and goals time and time again.

  • Leadership through clear goals

    We set clear, ambitious but realistic goals for our areas of responsibility, we convince our employees (m / f / d) of these goals and we implement them in a sustainable way.

    Icon consisting of a target and an arrow in the middle.
  • Active feedback

    We actively give our employees (m / f / d) feedback on the achievement of goals and recognize good performance.

    Icon consisting of a note bubble and a pen.
  • "No excuses!"

    We don't apologize and discuss mistakes openly.

    Icon of a door sign that says "NO EXCUSES".
  • Trust feeling

    We promote a climate of trust through open communication and freedom of creation.

    Icon of a door sign that says "INTEGRITY".
  • Develop employees

    We further develop our employees (m / f / d) and inspire them for our business.

    Icon of a person walking up a stairway.
  • Consistent action

    We support our employees (m / f / d) in difficult situations, but we also punish mistakes.

    Icon of two hands interlocking.
  • Corporate spirit and action

    We demand from ourselves and our employees (m / f / d) business thinking and personal responsibility.

    Icon of a person standing in front of a flipchart showing a rising bar chart.
  • Interfunctional cooperation in teams

    We develop transversal cooperation at all levels and make our knowledge available to others.

    Icon consisting of four hands that form a circle together.
  • Globality and mobility

    We are globally mobile and operate successfully in different cultural regions.

    Icon consisting of a line that divides into three arrowheads.
  • Customer proximity

    We are close to our customers and we orientate ourselves towards them.

    Icon consisting of a hand with the inner surface pointing upwards. Above it floats a ring of two arrows with the upper body of a person in the middle.
  • Innovation

    We always question what has been proven and consciously take new paths.

    Icon of a glowing light bulb.
  • "Impossible to do, does not exist."

    We flexibly find pragmatic solutions, make clear decisions and implement them quickly.

    Icon consisting of light bulb, gears and arrows.