„What we do today decides how the world looks tomorrow.” ~ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916)

The thought of sustainability connects economic performance, ecological responsibility and social justice. As a growing family business, we are convinced that no economic growth is imaginable that is based on exploitation of our nature or on social injustices.

We position our business based on the concept of the three dimensions of sustainable development and take environmental, economic and social responsibility.With help of the three dimensions, Kroschu supports the 17 goals for a sustainable development of the UN and the European Green Deal. We are also based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact for sustainable corporate management.

A large triangle formed from four small triangles. The middle triangle says "sustainable development". The apex is formed by the triangle "a livable world". At the bottom right is "a

Environmental sustainability: We strive for an economic mode in which the natural foundations of life only die to the extent that they generate. We develop sustainable solutions that support a sustainable life and ensure that materials are used respectfully throughout the company.

Social sustainability: As a global business, we are committed to combine economic success with corporate responsibility. For us, this means promoting sustainable development for our employees and society.

Economic sustainability: To act economically sustainable, we are committed to create long-term strategies that focus on society and the environment.