Wir sind Teil der KROfamily! ~Kromberg & Schubert

A group of four young women and one young man standing between high-bay racks, holding out their hands together and laughing.

A company can never be successful in the long term, if it does not give its employees the respect and recognition they deserve. That is why it is very important to us at Kromberg & Schubert that our employees are treated fairly.  

  • We rely on fair payment and permanent employment through unlimited contracts
  • We regularly invest in the education and training of our colleagues:
  • Our employees convince with their skills and achievements
  • We see people regardless of their demographic characteristics and ensure equal opportunities
  • Through flat hierarchies, we enable all colleagues to contribute their suggestions and ideas
  • We show this appreciation for our employees through preventive health programs, bonuses for good performance and a good life-work balance
  • Supporting parents for flexible working hours
  • For us, equality, diversity and inclusion apply
  • We create a supportive and constructive working environment for all employees
  • We also support social cooperation in the company:
    • Through joint events, celebrations and festivities, we want to give our colleagues the feeling that we are all part of the KROfamily.
9 different coloured circles arranged in a square. Next to it the lettering "charta der vielfalt" and a button that says "signed".
  • In accordance with the Diversity Charter, we provide an appreciative working environment for all employees and create a working climate of mutual respect and trust. We not only want to live up to these values ourselves, but also to communicate them to our employees.