„The thoughest and most important struggle of the 21st century is fought without weapons. The tools of this struggle are: energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energies." ~Franz Alt

Octagon on which "ZDH ZERT" is written in capital letters. Below it is written in two lines "DIN EN ISO 50001 REG.-NR- ENMS1 0118167".

An important aspect of ecological sustainabilty at Kromberg & Schubert is the energy management. This is fully integrated in business processes and helps to systematically collect and evaluate consumption data and make savings and efficiency potentials visible. In order to promote awareness of environmental responsibility throughout the company, our employees are regularly trained on the subject of energy management.  

We already integrated an energy politic into our processes in 2015. In this way, we can identify potential for improvement and make continuous progess. One goal we currently work on, is to improve energy consumption per km of line produced by -10% by 2025.

For several years now, we have been focusing on energy optimization in the refurbishment of our company building. In addition, we are regularly audited in accordance with our ISO50001 in order to further advance our objectives.

Since environmental sustainability is of great importance to our company, high energy efficiency is taken into account, among other things, during the regular overhaul of production facilities. Of course, energy efficiency and process optimization are also the focus when purchasing new plants.