"It is cheaper to protect the planet now than to repair it later" ~José Manuel Barraso (*1956)

Over the past 5 years, we have already been able to reduce our CO2 emissions by about 70%. This corresponds to almost 500.000 trees planted. Since all this is not enough for us, our location in Rhede obtains green electricity and uses the energy from solar panels for production.

Graphical representation of the reduction in CO2 emissions 2015-2020. Emissions have fallen by 69% by 2020. By 2030, it is to fall to 0%.
Round logo. In the middle are the letters DQS. At the top of the ring is "Environmental Management", at the bottom is "ISO 14001:2015".

Our clearly defined goal is to achieve complete CO2 neutrality for our location in 2030. Furthermore we are regularly audited in accordance with ISO 14001 in order to advance our goals.

The issues of sustainability and, above all, climate protection are very important to us. That´s why we pay attention to sustainable implementation trourghout our entire supply chain. When selecting our shipment, we take into account the consistent pursuit of an environmental management system. The shipment of our cables via GLS is already completely climate-neutral.

In order to take another step towards a better  future, our employees should be given the opportunity to make a lasting contribution. Everyone has the opportunity to use a Kromberg & Schubert business bike.