KROSCHU takes responsibility!

We are part of the "Rheder Modell".
Together with 20 other companies, we want to support charitable projects in and for Rhede. The total funding of € 20,000 is intended for the widest possible target group of citizens, such as children and young people, senior citizens, families, sportsmen and women and musicians. The sponsors of the projects can be, for example, churches, the municipality itself, clubs, associations, foundations, but also associations of organisations that apply with their heartfelt project. The final project selection will be made by a jury represented by the participating business enterprises. The first selection will take place in February 2023.
As a family business, it is important to strengthen our location and to offer our employees an attractive living environment, which is why we invest in projects that make life better for the citizens of Rhede.
We are very pleased to be part of the "Rheder Modell" and to be a supporter of a variety of projects in the future!


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