"Rheder Modell" - Business takes responsibility

KROSCHU takes on regional and social responsibility and is pleased that the first "Rheder Modell" grant has been distributed.

The organisation "Rheder Modell", consisting of 23 companies, has set itself the mission of realising projects in and for Rhede. Three projects could be supported in 2023.

From October 2023 to January 2023, regional projects could apply for funding for their idea. The jury, consisting of five representative companies of the "Rheder Modell", divided the total funding amount of 20,000 € among the following three projects:

The Rhede Seniors' Advisory Council receives the funding for the construction of a boules court for "Jedermann" in the citizens' park in Rhede, which will increase the attractiveness of the park.

Büngern-Technik receives funding for a grave light vending machine at the Rhede cemetery. The employees of the Büngern-Technik candle factory have developed ecological, recyclable glass grave lights. This new, innovative product reduces plastic waste and disposal costs. The production in the workshop by people with partly severe physical and mental impairments secures work and income.

The local DRK association in Rhede is supported with the project " Herzsicheres Rhede" (heart-safe Rhede). Since Rhede does not have a comprehensive AED (automated external defibrillator) available 24 hours a day, several AEDs including weatherproof storage boxes will be installed in the town area.

We are happy to take on social responsibility for our region and to enrich the city of Rhede with great projects.

The next funding period will start in autumn 2023. For more information, please visit: www.rhede.de/rhedermodell

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